Mix Ilustrations

"Katherine & the Beast" 2010 Ink on paper A4

"¿Cual es la cÜestion?"

Ink/Tinta on/sobre paper/papel D4 2010

This draw is an excuse for exrpess the sound whitout time.

Ink on paper, DIN-A3 2007

Draw from "The Irreverents strawberrys", is the scene when tha death falls on the main character Bulgarsen Nielsen.

Ink on paper 2008 A3

ZORAN MUSIC Portrait by Bernat M. Gustà
Ink on paper. DIN-A3 2008

Drawings basiclly

Pencil Ilustrations, Pen Ilustrations, Ink Ilustratons, DIgital Ilustrations, Ilustrator Ilustrations, etc… The very Important is the message. So I hope you like it…